Wish upon a dream. – Storytime (Part II)

Alex had seen Gibson for the first time when she was 16. It only took one glance in his eyes for her to fall in love with him, a total stranger. Of course his muscular build and long hair made him very pleasant to look at, but that wasn't the reason Alex fell head over... Continue Reading →


When you find yourself

I believe we've all been there: growing up, not knowing who you are and who you want to be. We see things happen around us, society tells us what's good and what's not, and what we should and shouldn't do. It confuses us, because most of us grow up wanting something else. But how do... Continue Reading →

When you get your heart broken

I'm sure that you had your heart broken at some point in your life, possibly and probably more than once. I've had mine broken too. And while I was never planning on writing heartbreak posts on this blog, this is something I want to share with you. Imagine loving someone so much that it hurts.... Continue Reading →

Why I became a vegan.

We need meat. We are omnivores. Meat is essential for our bodies. Vegans can't eat much anymore. Our ancestors ate meat too. God invented chickens and other animals so we can eat them. Lions eat animals too, so it's normal. But it tastes so good! These, among others, are some of the reasons I have... Continue Reading →

Introducing me

eIn a world of many creatures and a bunch of life, somewhere along the crowd, there's me. A normal woman is this world you wouldn't really notice among the others. A normal woman with hopes and dreams. Someone that can't wait to stand out, but has always been afraid to step up and make herself noticed.... Continue Reading →

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