Dangerous desire – Chapter I

When Maisie and Alice see each other again after years, they rebuild the friendship they had years ago. Maisie discovers she may have developed different feelings for Alice, who is trying to get away from her abusive husband.


It was just another day: regular, normal, and boring. Maisie strolled over the streets, not expecting anything exciting for the day. This morning, she had quickly threw on some black pants and a grey t-shirt full of smileys, thinking it would fool others into thinking she had the same mood the smileys were having. She’d grabbed her long maroon colored hair in between her fingers and made a quick ponytail, before slipping into her sneakers and walking out the front door. She hadn’t bothered to put on some makeup today, and was thinking of doing that more often. She spend way too much time on it in the morning anyway.

“I should stop spending time on makeup and start spending time doing the things I love”, she thought. She’d always made excuses why she couldn’t go ahead and do the things she wanted to do, but she knew that that was all they were: excuses. She figured it was about time to make an actual change. She no longer wanted her days to be regular and boring. She wanted to be able to tell stories when she grew old about the crazy things she did when she was young. She always loved those stories, yet created none for herself. “I’m done with that”, she promised herself.

A smile grew upon her face, quite like those on her t-shirt, and she decided to go home and make a list of all the things she wanted to do. In all her excitement, she turned around and startled as she bumped into an unfortunate stranger, who carried a box that suddenly hit the floor, resulting in all things dropping out of it.
“My goodness, I’m so sorry!”, Maisie said, while getting down to pick up what had divided itself on the floor.
“You’re lucky there’s nothing breakable in there”, the woman said with a hint of laughter in her voice. She bend down across from Maisie to pick up her stuff.
“You’re about the most adventures thing that happened to me today”, Maisie laughed.
The woman laughed along and said: “Sounds like you’re in need of some actual adventure.”
It was only now that Maisie looked up at her, and as their eyes met, she dropped everything she had already picked up from the ground.
“Now, you should really stop throwing my stuff on the floor”, the woman laughed.
“Alice!”, Maisie shouted, as she fell around the woman’s neck to hug her. Her excitement had been so big, that she made both of them drop to the ground as well, resulting in loud laughter. They got back up, gathered the stuff from the box, and gave each other a proper hug. “I can’t believe you’re here! It’s been so many years”, Maisie recalled. “I didn’t even recognize your voice”.
“If you would’ve continued calling me while I was away, that might have been different”, she said.
Maisie looked at Alice, surprised by her change in looks. Her once blond hair, was now chestnut brown, she no longer wore those dorky glasses and her style improved drastically. “Wow, you’ve made quite the transformation, dear Alice. You look amazing.”
“I dare say the same of you, sweet Maisie. Where did your innocent look go?”, she responded.
Maisie laughed. “My look may no longer seem innocent, but I swear, I still am. Honestly you came at the perfect time! I was just thinking about how I should have some more adventure in my life. I remember there never being a dull moment with you! How long are you here for?”
“That hasn’t changed! We’ll get your life a bit more exciting”, Alice said with a wink. “I’m not certain how long I’ll stay. Might be a week, might be longer.”
“Where are you staying?”, Maisie asked.
“Probably the first hotel I find. Any recommendations?”, She urged. “I haven’t been here in so long, I don’t know what changed.”
Maisie looked at her like she was going over the options. “I may actually know a place. It’s cheap, cosy, has a friendly owner, and is called ‘Chez Moi’…”. Alice seemed to not know what she was talking about, before she shouted out: “At my place silly! I can’t let you go to a hotel! I haven’t seen you in years, we have some serious catching up to do!”. Alice laughed, before agreeing with the idea. With anyone else she probably would’ve said no, but somehow, she never could say no to Maisie.
“Let’s do it”, they both said.

To be continued …

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