Why you should always go after your dreams.

“Everything you want, is on the other side of fear.”
–  Jack Canfield

Sounds like Jack Canfield is a wise man! I believe he’s right. Everything you want, is in fact on the other side of fear. Everyone I know, wants something in life, even when they don’t yet exactly know what it is they want. But how easy is it to get what you want? Seems like mission impossible, doesn’t it? Because mostly, what we truly want, the things our heart desires, isn’t easy to reach. And because what we truly want, is mostly something we can only have a chance of getting as soon as you drop something else: the need to feel secure.

You see, you can plan out your whole life to make sure nothing goes wrong. You can make sure you’re always feeling secure, doing that job that you know you can do for the rest of your life and pays the bills, marrying the person you know will never leave you, and putting all your hopes and dreams in a box on the attic, because you think they’re impossible to reach anyway.

Well, let me tell you something. By putting your hopes and dreams in a box in a place you barely ever come, you’re indeed never going to reach what you see as impossible. The only thing you’ve done by doing so, is giving up. Why?

Probably because of this:
Everyone that’s important to you told you it’s impossible, that you can’t do it.
You’ve grown up with people that settled for less than they wanted and gave you the “great” advice to do exactly that.

But do you want that? Do you want to settle for less than you want because this world has showed you mostly people who did? I know I don’t. I don’t want to settle for less than I want. I don’t want to settle for a secure life that I may like, but never fully love. I want more. And I know you do too.

But more, isn’t about having more money, having a bigger house and an expensive  car, it’s not about who has the biggest career, and the better clothes. More is all about a feeling. A feeling of satisfaction. A feeling you get when being the best version of yourself, when fighting for your hopes and dreams and never giving up, no matter how terrifying it is. And trust me, it will be terrifying. And it will be hard. Because nothing in life comes easy. But that it’s not easy, doesn’t mean that it’s not worth fighting for.

Imagine fighting, and falling, but getting up again and continuing, and eventually, no matter how long it took, you’ve got what you wanted. No matter how many bumps were in the road or how many rivers you had to cross, you’ve got it. It would be the best feeling in the world, right? Right. It would be worth it. All of it.

I’m not saying: drop everything you have, and go for what you want. Honestly, that would be quite silly. But you can work towards what you want while having what you have. You can apply for that other job, you can follow that course you’ve been wanting to follow for so long, you can save money bit by bit to go to the country you always wanted to visit, you can get yourself those singing classes you think could help you along, …

And that is in fact what I’m asking you to do. To go for what your heart truly desires. Stop being afraid and start working towards it. Don’t think it’ll just show up at your front door without putting in effort, and don’t hide it away because you’re afraid you won’t be good enough.

And have you, despite the effort you put it in, not reached your goal at the end of your life? Do you think that if you wouldn’t reach it, all would be for nothing? Think again. Because even if at the end of it all, you didn’t get everything you wanted, at least you’ll know you tried. And during trying, you’ll have met like-minded people that became close friends. You’ll have learned things you wouldn’t have know without it. You’ll have done things most people will never do. And you’ll have people looking up at you, for never giving up. You’ll be an example for the people you’ve met and maybe even your children, for at least one person in their lives taught them to go for what they want. And maybe, because of you and your will to push through, someone that looked up to you may have reached his goal, thanks to your lessons. You’ll have made people happy, and showed them what passion truly is, and experienced it yourself. So even if you never did get everything you wanted, but you fought for it, it’ll still have been worth it.

So fight. Have passion. Never back down.

Yours xx

Allie D.


6 thoughts on “Why you should always go after your dreams.

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  1. Incredible perspective and line of sight to the fight. Loved reading it and found it inspiring me to keep up my own fight. You’re incredibly talented 👏🏻 Keep it up and thanks for sharing your story so transparently and fearlessly. You are example in how I want to share my own story. Just 🔥

    Liked by 1 person

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