Undeniable Love – Shortstory

Every single touch would be too much, as we both would fade away, wanting more, unable to have more. He has a relationship. And we … we can’t be. He loves his girl. If only she knew what she had. Because if I had him, every day would be like a dream. There’s this undeniable... Continue Reading →


Awesome Blogger Award

  Hi guys! I've recently been nominated for the awesome 'Awesome Blogger Award' by LynDurante from http://lyndurante.com/ . Thank you, Lyn! I was really surprised by this! I'll gladly take part in this! Check out her nomination here. Creator: This award was created by Miss Maggie over at Dreaming of Guatemala. This is lifted from her original blog... Continue Reading →

Unspoken – A poem

I can't help but feel Feel like I'm worthless I can't help but scream Screams not escaping my mouth I can't help but cry For not understanding I can't help but wonder What was on your mind I can't help but think That I'm not important I can't help but ask you many things But... Continue Reading →

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