A gift – Little tales of life

Everyone is always expecting gifts in life.
But little do they realize that life itself is the gift and you choose whether or not you like it.

I choose to love it.


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  1. One benefit of my recent focus on the skeptics and the atheists is that I finally understand the concept of Magical Thinking. It’s true, there are always people who think the world owes something, in spite of their doing nothing to earn what the believe should just be freely given.
    I’m not immune to it. I think everyone gives into it once in a while. They say there’s no such thing as an atheist in a fox hole and I’m definitely inclined to believe that when you’re falling off a cliff, you can’t lose anything by at least looking up at the sky and saying, “Any ideas?”

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    1. We’re all guilty of it every now and then.
      But I believe we should all see what we’ve been given, and do something with it. We can sit here and cry about the things that hurt us or we don’t have, but it doesn’t bring you anything. Of course, we should all give in to those feelings every now and then, as long as we get back up and realize that life is beautiful, and a gift, and you’re the one unwrapping it and choosing whether or not you want to love the gift or not. It’s hard, I’m not saying life is easy, but it’s up to you to control how you handle shit.

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