Wish upon a dream. – Storytime (Part III)

Previously: Alex had fallen head over heels in love with a guy at her school she’d never spoken to. She wanted to get to know him, so went to a pub where she thought he could have been. While he wasn’t there, his friends were, so she saw the opportunity and grabbed it. They talked, had a fun night, and she’d found some possible new friends. And she had an excuse to talk to her mysterious stranger.

Alex had been thinking about what to say to her beautiful stranger during the entire weekend, yet when she finally layed eyes on him, her head was both empty and full of thoughts at the same time. She’d forgotten all she could say, yet was going through all kinds of scenarios that could happen if she’d walk up to him. Before she could convince herself to not go to him, she started walking. The guys from the pub were standing around him, so she could greet them first. Β And with her heart beating in her chest, that’s exactly what she did. And finally, after a time that she considered too long, after many stares and smiles, days and nights thinking about this moment, she turned to him. And as she tilted her head, her eyes met his, closer than ever before. She’d never seen such beautiful eyes, telling her stories she could never read in a book. Yet she tried to not stare too long, so her lips opened and she could finally speak. “Hi, I’m Alex! Nice to finally talk to you, up until now we’ve only smiled at each other”, she said with enthusiasm, while inside her nerves were barely holding up. She would finally hear the sound of his voice, as his lips parted to respond to what she had said. “Hi”, he said, “Nice to actually meet you. I’m Gibson”. And Alex couldn’t get enough of his smile.

The conversation went on and mostly Alex was talking to the guys she’d met at the pub. It was easier somehow, and she didn’t want to look like she only had attention for Gibson, since she really didn’t know him yet. She looked at him every now and then and they both engaged in the conversation, but really Alex wasn’t listening. Her part in the conversation was small and consisted of “exactly” and “yes”, and some nods here and there. She couldn’t keep her attention as all she could think about was finally having met her mystery man named Gibson, with his low, sexy voice, and his eyes better than books. She was enchanted. And it was a feeling she didn’t want to snap out of.

Too be continued …
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