Wish upon a dream. – Storytime (Part II)

Alex had seen Gibson for the first time when she was 16. It only took one glance in his eyes for her to fall in love with him, a total stranger. Of course his muscular build and long hair made him very pleasant to look at, but that wasn’t the reason Alex fell head over heels in love with a man she had never met, or spoken to once in her life. His eyes in itself were a story, a book you just couldn’t get enough of. And she was a reader, excited to stare in his eyes again to read the next chapter. It only took a second for her to be mesmerized by this man, as sad as he may have seemed. She needed to know who he was, and she was willing to do anything to know just that. But how?

As days past, she kept looking for him, in search of his eyes, of his story. She’d only rarely seen them, during school breaks when her eyes searched all over the place in the hope to meet his. But there were so many people, and she barely knew anyone yet, so neither could she ask anyone about this stranger. Why would she even? She’d always been a bit of a weird duck, and if she’d tell anyone at all about why she desperately wanted to get to know that man, they would’ve just already pushed her away before getting to know her anyway. New school – new struggles. She had to be patient. And patient she was. Until one day.

They passed by each other during their break, and while Alex was incredibly shy, he managed to look up into those eyes again, and smile at him. And what happened next, made her day. It may have been only simple and silly, but he had smiled back at her. And his smile was all she had hoped: gently, kind, tender. But she still dared not speak to him. With days passing by, more smiles came, from both his side and hers, and she had to find her courage to talk to him. Her patience was over.

She was walking around in town on a Saturday evening, before deciding she’d walk into a pub she’d thought he might be. Feeling a bit like a stalker, but urging to hear that man’s voice, saying words directed to her ears, she opened the door of the pub. She went to the bar and ordered a drink, looking around to see if he was there, and took a seat at a table. It was then that she saw not him, but other people she had seen in school. They might not have been the man she’d hoped to see, but she was certain they were his friends. And while disappointing that she could not hear his voice, nor read his eyes, she stayed positive, for if they knew him, she might get to know him too. So she stepped into this group of men she didn’t know or only saw hanging out at school, and said hi.

While her heart was beating insanely fast, for she was not used to greeting a group of people that she did not know, she was surprised by how kind these people were. They invited her to sit with them, and engaged her into the conversation. That was something she wasn’t used to, since well, she was still considered a weird duck by most people. But they seemed different somehow. This one guy who she had seen in school, started to talk to her, outing his surprise to see her in a pub like that. It sure wasn’t the most ordinary pub. There were skulls everywhere, and it was considerably dark, and the music was loud and heavy. Yet she had always enjoyed that music, and she was totally into the decor. She might not have looked like the standard girl visiting a pub like this, but the music and pub itself, and the people, somehow made her feel more like herself than she was anywhere else. For a moment, she didn’t feel judged, didn’t feel like she was weird or different. It was a feeling she wanted to keep. Conversations went on, and as the evening came to its end, Alex decided to go home. She’d have fun, and while she did not get what she came for, she’d found a place she liked, and possibly finally made some friends. And it was of course an asset that these fun people were befriended with the mysterious man that she had wanted to talk to since day 1. Now she had an excuse to talk to the stranger that had her mesmerized.

To be continued

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