Wish upon a dream. – Storytime (Part 1 – 2 min read)

As a beautiful glimpse of morning light shone through the curtains of her bedroom, she slowly opened her still tired eyes. And while the glimpse of light showed her it was going to be a gorgeous day, she herself felt less bright. She rolled upon her back, her eyes staring at the ceiling, without really even seeing it, for she was too far away in thoughts. Her eyes blinked as a sign of awakening from those thoughts, after which she moved her body to sit up straight in her bed and grabbing her diary from her nightstand. She may have already been 23, but she loved to write, and loved to remember, so in it she wrote all the things that mattered. And so she started:

“Dear diary. I didn’t dream of him. It has been so long since I have. I wonder if he’ll ever show up while I’m sleeping again. I hope he will.”

Alex had been wishing for another dream about him for months now, yet it didn’t come. And she didn’t know what it meant. She was afraid it could only mean one thing: that his part in her story was over. And she knew she didn’t want it to be. There was nothing she feared more.

“What about him?”, she wrote. “Does he still dream about me?”

Yet she knew it wasn’t very likely that he was, since they’ve always dreamt about each other around the same time.

“Does he still think about me?”

And she knew that he was. She knew that secretly, he missed her just as much as she missed him. That in case he didn’t have those dreams anymore, he was craving to have them too. He didn’t want her to ever stop dreaming, and so she knew he didn’t want to stop either, for they knew their dreams about each other always came true.

But what about now? Why were they staying away? Was it because there was nothing to come true anymore? Because they already were all they can be for each other?

“No”, she thought. “I refuse to believe that.”

To be continued …

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