When you find yourself

I believe we’ve all been there: growing up, not knowing who you are and who you want to be. We see things happen around us, society tells us what’s good and what’s not, and what we should and shouldn’t do. It confuses us, because most of us grow up wanting something else. But how do you do something else, when everyone wants you to do what everyone else is doing?

Life is a struggle, with ups and downs, some worse than others. We grow up, go to school, fall in love, do crazy things. And we also get out hearts broken, get lied to by people we love, get hurt when losing people we didn’t want to lose. We do things we love, and do things we hate, we live and we die, but the question is, have we ever truly lived?

If you die tomorrow, what will you regret? The things you did do, or the things you didn’t do?

I’ve lived my life always trying to do what’s right, trying to be myself when being someone else (if that makes any sense at all). But I wonder: don’t we all? When we see inside our heart, I believe we all want different things than the things we are doing. But it seems like a faraway dream, an impossible goal, because that’s what society told you it is. So we hide it away and pretend it’s not there, pretend we don’t need it to be happy… But we do. Not that long ago, I realized that. And I made changes.

I became a vegan because I didn’t want to support animal suffering anymore. I broke things off with my then-boyfriend because I decided I no longer wanted to be treated like I was nothing. I broke away from friends that called themselves my best friends but weren’t there when I needed them. I cut my hair because that’s what I wanted. And I started living, each day, every day. I started smiling in a way I’d never smiled before. You know why? Because I finally decided I was worth it. Because I decided that the life I wanted, was mine to take. You can’t sit around letting society make your choices. You have to make your own, and fight for them.

What if I die tomorrow? What will I regret? Nothing. Because all the choices I have made in my past, made me who I am today. Because who I am today, is someone that I’m proud of. Because I’m doing something, fighting for what I love, living the life I want. And is my life perfect? No, it’s not. But it’s good, and I’m happy, because I choose to be.

And now it’s up to you.

Will you fight for your dreams? Will you fight for yourself? Will you be happy?

Please, do so.

Yours xx



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