Why I shaved my head (+ photo’s before and after)

Yes, you’re reading it right. I shaved my head! And I’m superexcited to share the result, and my reasons behind doing it.

So really, before I shaved my head, I had a full gorgeous head of hair. Here is a picture of me yesterday, before shaving it off:


I really loved my hair. It was a part of me I was very proud of. My hair color, the natural waves, the thickness, I had great hair! But since a couple of years ago, I had this idea playing in my head of shaving it off. And after years of doubt, and society holding me back, or even the fear of opinions from certain people I care about, I finally decided to stop being scared. I went for it. And this is how I look now:


This might be a weird thing for me to say in the eyes of some people, but honestly, I have never felt so confident, sexy, and feminine as I do now! I now look in the mirror, and all I can think right now is: this is me. And I don’t know for how long that will be the case, since I love changing my hair, but for now, I’m so happy with it.

So why did I shave it? And why was I scared to do so at first?

There’s this thing going on in our society where we have these huge gender roles. Women have to have long hair, men can’t wear makeup, … As a kid, I had been confronted with a female friend being bullied because she had short hair. They would compare her to a boy, and make fun of her. We are raised to think that one thing is feminine, and the other is manly, and it can not be switched. “A woman with short hair? She must be gay”. We get these ideas and stereotypes stuck in our head, and with it, we hold people back from being who they are. It held me back for a long time too. And I finally came to a point in my life in which I decided to just be myself. And if some people disappear from my life because of that, that’s their loss, and not mine.

Over a time period of a couple of years, I have watched a bunch of videos of women shaving their heads, and admired a bunch of other people for having the guts to do it and looking so incredibly fierce, strong, and confident. They were an example to me, and I truly looked up to them. I felt like it is just so silly how much women care about their hair. A man for example can do whatever they want to their hair and no one will look at them weirdly. But for many women I know, their hair is so very important. And I don’t get why. If you strip away the stereotypes humans created, no one would care about what your hair would look like. But many women are scared to not be feminine enough without their hair, and are terrified by the thought of not having hair anymore. In this society, I guess that’s normal, because we were raised to believe we should have long hair if we want to look like a girl, or a woman. Hair doesn’t define who you are. It doesn’t matter if you have a bunch of hair or no hair at all. What matters, and what will always continue to matter, is who you are on the inside. So I guess that shaving off my hair is in fact a statement that I want to make. Be bold, do whatever the hell you want, be yourself. And most of all: love yourself, and the people that matter, will love you back.




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  1. People that leave you for that are just not worth it.
    And you still look beautiful indeed! And you still have your awesome personality! No 22 year-old woman I know can achieve all the things you achieved at this age.
    So I look up to you!
    But I won’t shave my head to. I have a very big head. Like huge. Bigger than a bowling ball. So this hair is supposed to mask my big head hahaha

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    1. Thank you! I feel like things are slowly changing, but it’s still very much there. There’s not a week that goes by that someone doesn’t comment on my hair. It’s been about 15 minutes ago that my mom was talking to a bunch of people telling them I should grow my hair because I was prettiger with long hair, haha :p luckily, all these people said that they actually like it the way it is.


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