Introducing me

eIn a world of many creatures and a bunch of life, somewhere along the crowd, there’s me. A normal woman is this world you wouldn’t really notice among the others. A normal woman with hopes and dreams. Someone that can’t wait to stand out, but has always been afraid to step up and make herself noticed. But that’s all going to change now. The time has come for me to speak up, to stand up and scream out loud about the things I believe in. Amongst the crowd of regular people, I’m on my way to learning on how to stand out and make a difference. And I would like to take you along with me in my journey. To make you see that you too, can stand out, and that it’s perfectly ok to do so.

At this stage of my life, I feel like I’m just about to develop myself all over again. I knew who I was and what I wanted before, but it’s always a different thing to chase that what you wanted. Before now, I wanted things, but didn’t want to put in the effort to learn about it and go for it. You know why? Fear. I was afraid that I would fail. Afraid that I would let people down. Afraid I would let my family down. Of getting hurt. Of not being able to reach my goal. But recently, I figured some stuff out. I’m never going to reach my goal if I don’t at least try. If I don’t motivate myself. And so from now on, I will do just that. I will try. Or actually, no, I won’t try. I will do it, no exceptions! And if I fail? I will simply try again. And if people can’t accept what I want in my life, and can’t love me for me, then why would I still need those in my life? I may lose some people I care about, but the important ones will always be there. And the important ones, are the people that love me for me.

Who am I? Simple. You can call me Allie, and I’m 22. I’m a positive realist, and a fighter. I’m a vegan, and someone that tries to do her best for the environment. I’m a model, that just loves doing some different things. I’m a singer in an acoustic duo since recently. And most of all: I’m not perfect. I have failed and have hurt. I have loved and have lost. And I have flaws and have fears. But I’m me. And I’m learning. And even though I make mistakes, I am happy. Happy with who I am.

So tell me: who are you?




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