Dangerous desire – Chapter I

When Maisie and Alice see each other again after years, they rebuild the friendship they had years ago. Maisie discovers she may have developed different feelings for Alice, who is trying to get away from her abusive husband. 1. It was just another day: regular, normal, and boring. Maisie strolled over the streets, not expecting... Continue Reading →


Undeniable Love – Shortstory

Every single touch would be too much, as we both would fade away, wanting more, unable to have more. He has a relationship. And we … we can’t be. He loves his girl. If only she knew what she had. Because if I had him, every day would be like a dream. There’s this undeniable... Continue Reading →

Awesome Blogger Award

  Hi guys! I've recently been nominated for the awesome 'Awesome Blogger Award' by LynDurante from http://lyndurante.com/ . Thank you, Lyn! I was really surprised by this! I'll gladly take part in this! Check out her nomination here. Creator: This award was created by Miss Maggie over at Dreaming of Guatemala. This is lifted from her original blog... Continue Reading →

Unspoken – A poem

I can't help but feel Feel like I'm worthless I can't help but scream Screams not escaping my mouth I can't help but cry For not understanding I can't help but wonder What was on your mind I can't help but think That I'm not important I can't help but ask you many things But... Continue Reading →

My first poetry slam experience.

So then there you are, standing in front of a group of people you've never seen before, about to tell them about something very personal. And you're shaking, and your nervous, and you wonder: "Should I, or should I not?" Yesterday I went to see a couple of poetry slam/spoken word performances, which I had... Continue Reading →

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